What are we eating? Is it Food or Rubbish Food?

child&vegesAre the foods we source from supermarkets, growers’ markets or even organic produce outlets really providing the nutritional requirements we need to maintain good health?

Are some worth eating at all?

Why are we collectively gaining weight and suffering increased rates of hypertension, diabetes, gout and cardiovascular disease even though food is at near obsession levels for a lot of us.

Wild Foods by Vic CherikoffWild Foods explores the consequences of eating a modern diet. You will discover how wild foods can help strengthen our immunity and resilience because they are more nutritionally dense and have recognized healing benefits. Many are becoming known for their anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative (anti-cancer) properties and a lot more as well.

In the Table of Contents below, which mirrors the chapters in the book, there are links to more information. I am regularly adding to these as more research results come to hand. Please subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with the leading edge of nutrition and how simple additions to your normal diet can have massive benefits over time.

Follow each chapter link for more information.

Chapter 1: Wild Foods, Wild Humans and Wild Ways
Chapter 2: Food Now and Then
Chapter 3: It’s More Than Just What We Eat
Chapter 4: A Wild Food Menu 
Chapter 5: The 12 Tastes in Wild Foods as a Guide to Cooking with Them
Chapter 6: An Evolutionary Paradigm of our Relationship to Land
Chapter 7: Are Wild Foods really that much better for us?
Chapter 8: Plants with predicted potential as new food species
Chapter 9: Health Attributes of Indigenous Australian Plants by Izabela Konczak

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